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Out Of My Gourd?

Now That’s a Big ZucchiniNow that's a big Zucchini


I was talking to a friend about my chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes and her response was that I must really love Zucchinis since I kept baking all these zuke recipes.  Well I felt I should clear it up.  Although I do enjoy them, I have not gone bonkers for Zucchini.  I do, however, have something against wasting food.  So instead of using the zukes and then throwing away likely more than half, I was just shredding them and freezing them in the freezer.  I had some left over from the first batch and now I have some terrific news… we have more!  This was in our last delivery for the year and as you can see… they are pretty massive.  I was able to shred this guy down into 8 cups of mulchy zuke goodness today.  I am already researching a few recipes that should allow me to use it!

So just to clarify, I do not have any particular inclination towards zucchini… I just happen to have a lot of it to cook.
Ps. Zucchini.


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So the time had come to use up the rest of the shredded Zucchini that I had in the freezer from my last culinary endeavor.  I had also wanted to try out some cream cheese icing instead of peanut butter.  A friend of mine was nice enough to link me a recipe.

Good thing about this is that the recipe is exactly the same for the cupcakes as it is for the cake.  If you want to give it a try the recipe can be found here.  This time around I added one little tweak.  After the all the ingredients were added I added 1 cup of sour cream to moisten the cake.  It’s very simple, just do up the recipe like normal and beat in the sour cream just before you fill up your cupcake tin.  The other thing to note is that the cooking time is much shorter depending on the size of the cupcake tin.  Instead of 50 to 60 minutes let each batch for about 20 to 25 minutes.

The recipe for the cream cheese frosting is as follows :

Ingredients :

  1. 10 oz. cream cheese, chilled ( I used fat free )
  2. 6½ tbsp. unsalted butter, at room temperature
  3. 3¼ cups icing sugar
  4. 4 tsp. organic vanilla

Directions :

  1. Combine the cream cheese and the butter with an egg beater.  The cream cheese may stick into the middle of the beaters at first, but if you put it on high enough speed it will eventually all clear out. The mixture will fluff up nicely.
  2. Add your icing sugar gradually.  I was surprised how well it mixed if you did it in manageable portions.
  3. Add your vanilla and mix it well on med-high until you get a nice creamy frosting.

The recipe should give you more than enough for at least 24 cupcakes.  In fact I had some left over and actually doubled coated a few of them.

The recipe for the frosting was found at http://www.annies-eats.com

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